Tiny House in My Backyard is an interdisciplinary collaboration of UC Berkeley graduate students designing and building a zero-net-energy tiny house on the Berkeley Global Campus.

The tiny house is a pilot project demonstrating the union between affordable and sustainable housing. The house will be compact– less than 400 square feet – with the basic amenities for home comfort, but with a focus on energy and resource efficiency, and simplified living. 

Our design is meant to serve visiting students and faculty at the proposed Berkeley Global Campus. Although initially we will be building one unit, our tiny house will be a model for additional units, with a long-term goal of scaling up to a community of carbon-neutral housing. This will (1) provide students with the opportunity to cultivate interdisciplinary and collaborative skills; (2) connect the campus community with the local community in an effort to mitigate a pressing housing affordability problem; and (3) enrich the campus community by creating a living lab and tiny house building community for students and faculty. In October 2016, the THIMBY team will compete with universities throughout California as part of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Tiny House Competition. Until then, we will engage students, faculty, and the broader community through workshops, and we will share inspiration and lessons learned online.


We are Moving our way through Phase 2...


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News Articles:

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  1. Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS) - "Sustainability Summit" - April, 2015
  2. SERC Sustainability Involvement Expo - September, 2015
  3. UC Berkeley Energy Expo - November, 2015


  1. CHESC - SF, July 2015
  2. AASHE - Minneapolis, October 2015